Sometimes credit just doesn’t go to those to whom it is due. And then there are times when credit and long overdue recognition goes to exactly where it should go. Earlier tonight this is exactly what happened.
Having three young men, now all grown, I once had three little boys. Each of them were heavily involved in the local Youth Club and sports events. The Muff Festival was always a huge occasion for them as children.
For all three of them I recall many people being hugely influential in their lives. But one man always stands out. A man who never shooed them away when even I, their mother, could see they were being a nuisance. A man who always took time to help them in any way he could. A man who would even take them up what we know as ‘the back road’ on the tractor many years ago…..that just made one particular boy’s day.
And on the weekly visit to the Youth Club, there was always a story about ‘Lenny’ at the end of the night. It was never in a negative light!
Liam Harkin has done so much for the Youth in our community and it is an absolute delight to hear tonight that he was recoginsed for this outstanding service to our youth. Liam received a special recognition award for his service and dedication to the youth in our community, at the Donegal Youth Service Awards tonight.
Alongside Liam, another amazing member of our community, and a dedicated volunteer with our youth was Annmarie McIntyre. Annmarie is well known for her dedication to the youth in Muff and is always there orgainising, planning, guiding and helping each and every one of them.
Huge congratulations to both Liam and Annmarie. These awards are so very deserved. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the community when I say a huge ‘Thank You’ to both Liam and Annmarie for all that they have done.
Liam and Annmarie