Only the attendees of Mia’s fit camp will know exactly what her ‘card game’ entails. It pains me to even write the word ‘game’ in association with such. ‘Game’ I’m sure it is to herself but ‘pain’ it is to all else!!
Fit Camp got off to it’s normal banter this morning at 6.15am…yes there does be a catch up and chit chat to begin the warm up and then of course the ‘dreaded warm-up’ ensues. It’s not until that warm-up is complete that we discover just what Mia has in store for us over the coming 50mins. Today it was that deck of cards. For some this might seem like fun: snap, twist, poker or the like. But we gals know that Diamond means ‘Bob the Builder’ planking moves; Spades means ‘Prisoner’ squats; Hearts mean ‘Press-ups’ and then good old Clubs indicate ‘Burpees’. And whatever number card you get, that’s the number of the said moves. All straightforward…..until you realise Mia has a few decks of cards in there alongside some ‘jokers’. A joker means you do 10..yes TEN of each exercise.
So as this mornings class progressed, and the sweat was worked up and the panting got louder, and the moans increased, a certain lady found the joker and with all support she managed to hide the said boyo. Well done Ms X. So when Mia realised there were no jokers in the pack, she went along and made her own. Joker this gal really is. And to boot each and every gal was made do 10, yes TEN of each move. Bob the Builder the kids might like ye, but I’ve taken a serious dislike!
It’s hard to believe that we were welcoming Press-ups at 6.30am. Bob just seemed to keep popping up.
So as Mia set the punishment it was discovered that there is indeed a spirit floating about QPS clubhouse. Ms X is in fact a ghost. And this ghost is one heck of a joker. Who or what will the spirit decide to hide next? Mia, I’d watch my step if I were you.joker
So as another week of Fit Camp comes to an end, there’s a few sore abs in town, a few sore limbs, but there’s a large number of gals getting in trim for the Chrimbo period. Those little black dresses will be out in force. And she may have punished us for the ‘joker’ escapade, but she’s not a bad sort really. Mia we do know it’s ‘good pain’, and now for my 3rd litre of water….girls there’s 4 to be consumed. And remember those measurements!!! Some want to lose, it: some want to gain it…..let’s do this LBD craze and let no ghost get in our way.