Message to Aliens

The Voyager spacecraft, 38 years after it was launched in 1977, has gone beyond the solar system and has entered interstellar space.

It will soon lost contract with earth, Nasa has taken an opportunity to send a message that would potentially reach aliens who discover Voyager sometime in the future.

Here is the message:-

“Over 40 years after leaving Earth this spacecraft named Voyager had broken into interstellar space, 20 billion kilometers from its home planet, & was still powered & collecting useful data.

“During this time our society had changed significantly, its population doubling to over 7 billion, & the challenges of living sustainably & peacefully together had grown more urgent.”

“Our technologies had also become increasingly digital, raising our computing capability, pushing the frontiers of our knowledge faster & accelerating our development as a single, interconnected global civilization; with all the advantages and problems that this brings.”

Peace and Love to Aliens (Hopefully Reciprocated)

“With onboard power dwindling, the uploading of this message is one of the last contacts we will have with this spacecraft. We hope that one day, in finding our Voyager, you will know of our existence & our desire, like yours, to explore & better understand this Universe we have shared with you.”

“With peace & hope from the people of planet Earth.”

So. that’s our world’s message to any aliens who find Voyager.

Leave Aliens Alone

But should we be contacting aliens?

Stephen Hawking says No.

He remembers what happened when mankind last encountered intelligent life when Columbus discovered America.

He said “It didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans”.

“For any extraterrestrial civilization to have the ability to understand our message and then come and visit us, they would need to be several centuries more technologically advanced than we are.

“Would a super-advanced civilization treat us well? How do we treat other life forms on earth?

“We eat other life forms, shoot them for sport, kill them if they do not fit into our lifestyles (pesticides), carry out scientific experiments on them, display them in zoos, keep them as pets, and drive many of them to extinction”.

Smarter and More Moral Than Us

So,we’d have to hope that a civilisation more advanced than ours, with creatures more intelligent than us, would treat us a lot better than we would probably treat them if they were less intelligent than us.

Remember the survival of the fittest.

So, how would super-intelligent aliens be treated if they came to Moville?

Perhaps some people would want an AliensFest.

Others might begrudge them their success! 🙂