Moville Weather

It’s almost November now – yet the weather has been great in September and October.

However, the weather is to pick up again over the next few days.

In fact it will be almost summer weather.

I’ll be using my barbecue over the next few days.

Sunny November

Today’s weather is pretty good.

It’s fairly warm and sunny – but the next few days, Sunday to Tuesday, will be even better.

Each of those days will have temperatures of up to 14 degrees.

A good summer’s day in Moville would be around 18 degrees.

So, we’re getting a bit of a near-summer in November with near summer temperatures – and certainly more sun than you would get in summer here.

Nearly Christmas

It’s now less than 8 weeks to Christmas.

Imagine that as you look out your window at the sunny day.

It really shortens the winter when you get a spell like this.

It’s just a shame we couldn’t have had it in August.