Little Toby’s Playschool in Muff walked from their school in Ardmore to St. Mary’s Hall in Muff earlier today. Children, parents, staff and friends all joined in on the feat this morning. The children from the school have been raising money over recent weeks and the walk today was the culmination of this. All proceeds raised from today and the lead up to it, will go to St. Johns Ward at Crumlin hospital.
St. John’s ward at Crumlin is one where none of us really want to visit. It’s one we know will mean childhood cancer if we should have to go. And it’s one we are all familiar with in Muff as one of our very own children has been attending this ward for some time now. And that same little someone also did the walk this morning. Caraiosa Grant is an extraordinary little girl. Still undergoing treatment she never lets it get in her way. Her bravery and zest for life comes across on just seeing her smiling face.
Cathy and Michael from Little Toby’s welcomed young Caraiosa to their school earlier this year and she is very much part of the 2015/2016 class. Cathy and Michael organised today to help raise much needed funds for Caraiosa and many other children like her who spend so much time on St. John’s Ward.
It was an absolute pleasure today to watch the little faces eagerly walk down Ardmore Brae. It was equally delightful to see the excitment as they embarked upon Reddins Bus to take them on the journery back to school. Huge thanks to Reddins Coaches for kindly giving their time and service to this worthy cause today.
And of course a huge thank you to Cathy and Michael for organising today’s event and doing something that we know will benefit not only our own Caraiosa but many children on St. John’s Ward.