It’s been a busy summer for the ‘Muff Ladies’ and so the monthly meeting was postponed over the holiday season as all had to attend holidays, family and the like. However as always the said gang never lost touch and thanks to the power of facebook and other social media, contact never wavered, but dinner and wine took a back seat until now. October 22nd may not have been overly important for most folk but for these ladies it was an important one! It not only marked the day after ‘Back to the Future’ but it marked the ‘united front’ of these gals.
And this time it was to be The Walled City Brewery for the long overdue catchup with dinner and wine.
Being the only one of the said group to have wined and dined here prior to tonight I knew it would be a good one. The other gals didn’t even know where it was. They are so out of touch. However thanks to the power of my wee ‘Polo’ and husband, myself and the delightful Miss N arrived ahead of schedule. We were privvy to a refreshing glass of vino before the other lot finally found the spot. They may have travelled in their fancy Audi but it didn’t even get them there on time. So much for fancy wheels and Mr D.
When the other folk did eventually arrive (15 mins late) the wine list was first on the agenda. As always. We girls do have our priorities right.
Drinks were flowing and it was time to order some eateries. The selection was made, and it consisted of ‘Hen’, ‘Lamb’, ‘Burgers’ and a delightful selection of sides. I don’t think there was a clean board (yes, there were no plates!) between the six gals. The yums, and the chews of us all, clearly emphasised the satisfaction of the food delievered. To say it was good would be such an understatement.
And then it was time for dessert. Between a platter of home made chocolates, sticky toffee pudding and a divine cheeseboard, the restaurant was lucky to see the back of these gals tonight. It really was a culinary experience fit for Royalty. But then again we really are Royalty in our own wee way. Well myself and Miss N are anyways….even if we did arrive in a wee ‘Polo’!!!
When it came to the coffee orders the lovely waitress recommended the ‘Coole Swan’. We took her at her word and well, lets say, we’ll never look on a Bailey’s coffee the same again!
So if the food and the drinks were spectacular, the craic and the goss was even more so. From holidays in Africa, Turkey, Portugal and Lanzarote, there were stories galore. Most not to be repeated. There was quiet and romantic reviews, and there were cycling incidents and male encounters not to be disclosed. There were engagements and there were other familial news and all to be revealed in due course. There are weddings to plan for and there are shopping trips to arrange. And New York is even getting a hit from the said gals in due course. Oh the Big Apple really won’t know what’s hit it!
But before that there’s shopping trips to Belfast, Christmas market expeditions and more. These gals know no boundaries and Brown’s In Town had better be prepared for the ladies soon! Belfast should really lock up all of it’s valuables cos nothing will be safe when these ladies hit town!
So until November it’s time to return to normality (whatever that is) and then it’s all heads to the new pad in a neighbouring town. Some may travel in style and some may labour their way down. But either way, the ladies will congregate once more and future plans will be put in place.
So for now, it’s goodnight from me, and goodnight from them. It’s a huge ‘thank you’ from all of us to The Walled City Brewery for a delightful night. The future is bright and New York will shine brighter knowing these gals are coming. Until November ladies, it’s over and out!
Walled City Brewery