Do you need some help with your English for 2016 exams? If so, then why not start early and get ahead of the game. It’s been proven that students do improve with tutoring. English is such a vast subject with much reading involved. Critical understanding is pivotal to your English exam.
Is King Lear causing you distress? Don’t let it. Shakespeare’s play is just a retelling of the struggles among humanity and it is very much relevant in the present day.
Is poetry driving you mad? Don’t let it. The poets have written much of their work in relation to their own personal lives. Get to know the poet and their work unfolds in front of you.
Comparative study helps prepare you for general disucssion and debate in life.
English tutoring not only helps with your subject area, but helps build your independent thinking which will enable you to tackle other subjects more confidently.
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Have private tuition in your own home or if a few in the same area are interested a weekly or fortnightly class can be arranged.