Spring Tides

Spring Tides have been recording their new songs in Sun Studios in Memphis, one of the most famous and iconic recording studios in the world. James O’Donnell and Gerard McMonagle were joined by Tony Kelly who lives out there now.

Said James O’Donnell, “We’ve been travelling the American South for the last 3 and a half weeks, busking, writing, recording and playing a few gigs.

“We started out in Louisville where we had rehearsals and brought Tony Kelly up to speed on the new songs we were planning on recording”.

Elvis and Johnny Cash

They then headed down to Memphis and recorded 4 tracks from 7pm til 2am in Sun Studios, using the same equipment that Johnny Cash and Elvis used for their early recordings.

They had Rick Steff from the famous Lucero on keys, Krista Wroten Combest from the Dead Soldiers and Memphis Dawls on fiddle and Richard Alan Ford who has appeared on nearly everything coming out of Memphis on Pedal Steel guitar.

The EP will be released on itunes, Spotify and Google Play as well as on CD and vinyl before Christmas.

New Orleans and Louisville

After Memphis they went on to New Orleans for 5 days and did some busking, playing in the hostel for an international crowd and did some writing.

They then headed back to Louisville to do a gig in an Irish pub there after New Orleans.

Said James “It was well received and they are considering asking us to come over and do a residency in their 3 bars next summer.

Spring Tides in Nashville

“We then went to Nashville for 3 days and did a bit of busking and got called up onstage to play one of our new tracks.

“We’ve been back in Louisville for the last few days chilling out and making contacts and are heading back to Cincinnati tomorrow.

“We’ll be finishing the EP when we get home and making a major push on the music. We’re playing Oxjam in McGrorys on Friday October 16th then we have a couple of gigs booked in Dublin towards the end of the month”.

Spring Tides also contain Sean McGranaghan and Cathal Kelly who couldn’t go over to Memphis with them but will add their bits to the CD when Spring Tides get back. They are also hoping that Luke McGuinness will add his bit to the CD.

James and Gerard arrived back in Moville today.