It’s the little things in life that count! And it’s also the little things that can sometimes cause WAR! Just last night a local butcher was frequenting the local bar, The Squealing Pig when he popped out for a breath of ‘fresh air’!!! Whilst outside he began to remark the display of flowers hanging above the front of the said bar. I can only praise this amazing display which is always blooming! As is the equally delightful display outside the McColgan butcher shop.
However, the butcher in question, Mr McColgan, decided that his Pentunia’s are better and more blooming that his neighbour Mr McCorkells! He believes that as he ‘feed’s his, Mr McCorkell only waters his! And earlier today the butcher told me that he feeds the said flowers dung! I have refrained from opinion and decided that it was one for the greater people to decide.
Just whose Petunia’s will win the WAR? McColgan or McCorkell!
You decide!
A selection of the said Petunia’s are available to view at Craic On Muff FB page.