When I work with children my main goal is to teach and encourage the use of their imagination. One of my first lessons in doing such is producing a picture and asking the children to tell their own story of what they see. So every now and again I have to do the same to keep my imagination working! A great image for doing so appeared on facebook just the other day and of course my imagination took over!
One local lady whom we all know and love for her work and volunteering in the local community was the context of the said photo. Always there at the center of footballing events, she organises, facilitates, and more with QPS and many others.
But alas it is just a cover up for her real secret service! Our Mags is in fact the real Mrs Bond. Only our Mrs Bond doesn’t need guns and such. Oh no, all Mrs 007 requires is a Power Tool and some 80’s eye make-up and off she goes!
This Mrs Bond’s eldest daughter is well known for her fitness craze in the village. By 6am she has many of us up strutting our stuff on the local pitch. I often wondered where she got her energy from. Alas I have my answer. As the daughter of Mrs Bond, the girl clearly grew up in a home where you spent a lot of time running and under cover, and so it has followed her into adulthood.
All it takes is a picture and we have all the answers we’ve craved for so long.
So folks, there you have it, the real Mrs Bond has just stood up and been discovered.
Mags (2)
And now I must take advantage of that one way ticket out of here I’ve just purchased….I’m off!!!!