Yesterday social media was awash with photos of a toy rabbit blanket which had gone missing. A nationwide hunt got underway and I was unable to count the amount of ‘shares’ this ‘missing toy’ post got on social media. Everyone was looking for ‘toy rabbit’.
Folk were searching the streets of Derry as the owners mother believed she or her little boy, must have dropped it on leaving Foyleside. A car search was even carried out in the well known car park.
Harry's rabit
Rumour has it that a local butchers in the village here was also searched alongside a beautician’s in Derry. In both premises dna of the toy rabbit was found, but no toy rabbit!
Alas, not one of them thought to look in the most obvious place. Toy rabbit decided to take a litte detour yesterday and increase his learning. He’d heard about the benefits of reading. Toy rabbit ventured all the way to Central Library on Foyle Street. And there he was hanging on the railings outside. Toy rabbit had read a selection of books inside before retiring outside to be found safe and well on his return to his beloved Harry.
Moral of the story is, read to your children and don’t forget about those all important toys….they enjoy storytime too!!