Moville Weather

It has been perhaps the worst summer that many of us can remember in Moville.

July and August were simply awful and June was not much better.

I bought a barbecue back in May and haven’t even assembled it yet.

I was thinking that I might just put it in the shed and open it next year.

Good Weather in September

However, as they always say around here, there’s always a good spell in September when the harvest comes in.

And so it has proved again.

Of course, the other thing they say is that the good weather stops when the kids get out of school for the summer and starts when they go back in September.

So, it has proved again this year.

Summer Festivals

Moville and Greencastle’s four main summer festivals all took place in August this year.

It is the obvious time to have them – anywhere else.

All took place in bad weather – which doesn’t help the visitor numbers.

Last year July was even good – but August wasn’t.

It’s a very long time since we had a good August.

However, at last we are going to have a good spell of weather.

Warmer Still

It was sunny yesterday and it is going to be even warmer today and even warmer tomorrow when the temperature reaches 18 degrees.

The good weather stays till Friday.

The rain comes back again on Saturday and Sunday when the kids are off school and workers get off work.

It was always so.

Never mind!

Enjoy the next few days while you can – and I might even look at assembling the barbecue.