Bonnie Baby Contest

In most small towns like Moville, Bonnie Baby Contests are popular. Indeed, they are taken so seriously that they can cause friction.

Proud mothers cannot understand why judges choose babies other than their own when their babies are far superior to the others in looks and personality.

Their babies are so much more adorable and lovable than other people’s babies. How can the judges not see that?

Indeed, sometimes proud parents wonder why other people bother having babies when they are not a patch on their own.

Bonnie Babies Re-Match

Maybe, then, the Bonnie Babies should have a rematch contest at the age of 21. The names should be kept and there could be another contest to see if the Bonnie Baby ‘trained on’ and became a beautiful, or handsome adult.

Those that lost would get the opportunity to show that the original decision was a travesty or that things had changed in a big way.

I’m sure there would be mothers who feel that their Bonny Baby was robbed by a biased judge many years ago and who would love for their 21-year-old to show the judge that he, or she, got it all wrong all those years ago.

Bonny Adults

The early ‘loss’ in the Bonny Baby contest may be something that they have remembered all those years ago.

A re-match at 21 would be the perfect opportunity to ‘set the record straight’ once and for all.i.e. that their Bonny Baby was robbed all those years ago – and that their Bonny adult would right that wrong.

Unless, of course, their grown-up ‘Bonnie Baby’ lost again – especially to the same Bonny Baby.

That would be too much to bear.