Last Saturday night in the Pig ‘wee bar’ seemed like your normal Saturday night. I didn’t get in there until late due to a prior arrangement, but all seemed in place and nothing out of sorts. But alas, it was just a tad different. Or rather it will be come next Saturday night. The fiery red headed Kevin A. was in fact serving his last drinks there on that very night.
Kevin A. has been working in this ‘wee bar’ for quite a few years now (no doubt he’ll correct me if I’m wrong) and has become widely known and liked for his fun temperament and likeable manner. Always ready to do a good turn and always ready with ones drink, this young man will indeed be missed by all from behind that very bar.
Kevin A. is moving on to adventures new and no doubt will make his mark there also.
It isn’t every barman that pours your drink before you even order, but Kevin A. does such. It isn’t every barman who calls at your door with a bowl of fresh strawberries, but Kevin A. does such. And it isn’t every barman whom you can call a friend outside of the bar, but Kevin A. is definitely such.
I don’t doubt that Noel, Dean, Luke and Paddy will take care of the customers in their usual great manner from hereon but the red headed Kevin will indeed be missed.
DSC_1915 (3)
So Kevin from us all, here’s wishing you every success and hope it all goes just great. But for now, Sláinte and and thanks for all those nights of hunting us home when it really was way past time. (Oh, and don’t be a stranger!!)