Michael Thomas

As with one, the whole crowd in Rosatos rose to applaud and give Michael Thomas a standing ovation at the end of his gig last night (Friday). It was a sensational performance.

Michael plays the Saturday night in Rosatos at the BeatlesFest but hasn’t played the DylanFest before.

He can do a full Beatles set, a full Dylan set, a full Hendrix set and a full Pink Floyd set.

Last night was the first time we have heard his Dylan set – and it was very, very good.

Paint It Black

However, his speciality, and the one where he can best show his guitar playing skills, is Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones.

As he wound up people headed over to where he was playing to watch him play.

His playing hand just seemed to be a blur as he played better and better.

The crowd were cheering, stamping their feet, dancing and singing along with him.

When he finished, there was a massive cheer and the whole pub stood up to applaud him.

Redcastle Hotel

What a performance!

The crowd demanded an encore!

However, there was no way to follow that – and I think he was done, anyway, after that titanic effort.

If you want to see him again Michael will be playing at the Redcastle Hotel on Sunday night at 10pm.

Ask him if he knows Paint It Black.