Tara Boehm and DylanFest

Two years ago Uomo Senza Nomo (the man with no name) flew in from New York for DylanFest 7. He has been trying to get accommodation for this year.

Last year Michael Masterson flew in from Cleveland for DylanFest 8. He sat in the high seat of the bar in Rosatos most of the weekend with a serene smile on his face.

This year a young lady, Rara Boehm from Philadelphia has flown in for DylanFest 9. The flight, alone, cost her $700.

Al Diesan in Rosatos

She was in Rosatos last night to hear Al Diesan and wasn’t disappointed.

She’s got a ticket to see Bobby Does Dylan in the Caiseal Mara Hotel on Saturday evening.

It’s a great boost for the festival to know that people are flying in all the way across the Atlantic just for a weekend at the DylanFest.

We hope Tara enjoys herself at the DylanFest as much as Michael Masterson did last year.

Tara Boehm

Tara Boehm