Bobby Does Dylan

Bobby Does Dylan was the man who Bob Dylan had to see. He saw this clip of him on YouTube playing outside the Oran More in Glasgow in a break from setting up – Bobby Does Dylan at the Oran Mor and just had to see him to thank him. They met up in Glasgow next time Dylan was in town.

Bobby is appearing at the Caiseal Mara Hotel on Friday and Saturday evenings from around 8:30pm to 10:30pm. The Dylanites, that great duo from Derry, will come on first at around 7:15pm.

It’s not formal and is quite relaxed. Bobby will be telling you about how he met Dylan and the conversation between them.

Bobby has a fantastic sound system and has a great lighting system, as well, to give the full sound and lights show. The equipment cost him more than 30 grand in total. It’s well worth experiencing.


Here’s a quick taster of his show Bobby Does Dylan at the Albany Theatre in Greenock – what they call a Teaser Video.

Tickets for the Show can only be bought at Rosatos Bar, Gillen’s Shop, the Caiseal Mara Hotel Reception and the Moville Holiday Hostel.

Ticket’s are only €5 each (around £3.60) for such a great show.

It might be wise to buy them now before all the DylanFest visitors arrive in town.