Dairy Products

For years, now, we have been told that butter, cream and cheese are bad for you. They were saturated fats and would clog your arteries and give you a heart attack. Everyone should eat margarine instead of butter and you should avoid cream.

It now appears that this is nonsense. It shows the opposite, i.e. that saturated fats do you no harm and that ‘trans fats’, i.e. those used in margarine were actually bad for you and those eating it were far more likely to have heart attacks.

It seems that the guy who did the initial survey in the Fifties, supposedly showing that saturated fats were bad for you, cheated.

He just used data from 6 countries. He had data from 22 countries but ignored that from 16 of them because they did not show saturated fats to be bad for you – and didn’t fit in with his conclusions.

Cream, Butter and Cheese

So, for over half a century people have been cutting out dairy products like cream, butter and cheese and have been drinking skimmed milk on a false premise.

The same happened recently with eggs. For many years we were told that they were high in cholesterol and would clog up your arteries and cause you to have a heart attack.

We were warned not to eat more than three eggs a week. That was shown, recently, to be nonsense too.

Yes, there is a lot of cholesterol in eggs – but it is good cholesterol rather than bad cholesterol.

Yes, it was found in the arteries but that was because the good cholesterol repairs damage to the heart and arteries. That’s why it is found there. It’s a bit like blaming the firemen for the fire.

Health Freaks and Margarine

I’ve always ignored those dictums about cutting back on dairy produce and eggs.

I think that the best policy is to eat and drink natural foods and ignore chemically manufactured goods like margarine. Margarine is not  a patch on butter.

So many health freaks eat margarine instead of butter despite it not tasting that great compared to butter.

It didn’t seem to make sense that cows were producing, in their bodies, a substance that would be harmful to their calves.

I use cream when I make scrambled eggs and pour some pouring cream in my porridge which is made with non-skimmed milk.

No Heart Attacks

I probably eat between 5 and 10 eggs a week despite entreaties by my ex-wife that it was bad for me and would cause heart attacks.

I always thought that made no sense and it turned out to be the nonsense that I thought it was.

Eat what is natural and leave out what is manufactured and you are likely to be healthier and live longer.

So, forget drinking the skimmed milk and go back to normal milk. It tastes better.

Homogenized Milk

Indeed, I preferred the old milk where the cream was at the top.

Nowadays they use some process to make the cream go through the milk so it doesn’t separate and come to the top. I think they call it homogenized. You can see by the ‘homo’ part of it that it is the dreaded human intervention again.

I don’t like that!

Attuned to Processing Natural Products

Our bodies are attuned by tens of thousands of years to eat natural products.

They are not attuned to eating, and processing, products like margarine.

When our bodies get milk, cream, cheese and eggs they know what to do with it.

When they get margarine, which only came about in the last century, our bodies must think “what the hell is this?”

Harmful Substances

Also, our bodies might not necessarily be able to cope with any harmful substance in it, which they would be able to do with dairy products as they are attuned to it by doing so for thousands of years.

We have evolved to be able to process dairy and other natural products. We have not evolved to be able to eat and process margarine – or homogenized milk.

I wish they would stop interfering with the milk and go back to the old way of just letting the cream settle at the top.

So, the message is – eat natural and avoid any foods chemically manufactured by the big food companies.

And, milk processors, can you stop homogenizing the milk and give us back our natural milk as manufactured by the cows and not humans?