Spring Tides from Moville

Spring Tides cut their teeth in Rosatos. They used to play on a Friday night there just for pints.

They were a little scrappy in the beginning but there was talent there.

They gradually got better and better till they became a sensation and were the most sought after band in the town.

They had a very exciting act, standing on their chairs towards the end and going about the crowd playing like minstrels of old.

They were at their zenith – and then they broke up.

Busker Abu

However, earlier this year they reformed to take part in TG4’s Busker Abu, a contest to find Ireland’s best buskers.

There was eight in their heat but Spring Tides advanced, deservedly, to the playoffs where the final two acts performed again for the judges.

I think most of the crowd believed that Spring Tides had won it , as well as the floor manager and the producer – but the judges gave it against them. If it had been any other channel than TG4, I think they would have won.

The act who beat them went on to the final where they came close.

Spring Tides Reformation

However, the experience made Spring Tides think that it might be a good idea to get back together again.

They had ceded the Top Band In The Town to The Yetis while they were away.

However, they are now well on their way back giving exciting performances again.

They played at the Inishown Vintage Show Band Night and on the main stage at the Greencastle Regatta.

Now, they are coming back to their roots to play a gig at Rosatos on Saturday night where it all began.

James and Sean will be playing there starting at 10:30pm.

It’s not to be missed!