Gillen’s Shop Barbecue

I was up in Gillen’s Shop today getting my newspapers and a few other things when I was told that there was going to be a barbecue at Gillen’s.

It will be outside the shop rather than inside, of course.

I’m told that the will be barbecuing between 11:30am and 2pm today (Tuesday).

That’s a nice little extra and adds to the gaiety of the town.

Special Treat

It would also be handy to get the kids’ lunch there, as a special treat, rather than having to cook it.

Maybe they should do it every day in the summer but around tea time.

The rain’s been a constant on the back of those trying to organise things in Moville this year.

Better Weather

The better weather is supposed to be starting today for a few days.

The sun hasn’t popped its head through yet but it’s not raining and it’s reasonably warm.

If the sun breaks through as it is supposed to do today then a barbecue in the centre of town will go down a treat.


I’ve just been up there with my son and we got a burger and hot dog (sausage) each. There’s also chicken and pork chops.

It seems it is free with a donation to Serenity House.

It was doing great business when I was there.