Another Muff Festival has come to an end. 2015 proved another hive of activity in the village of Muff, Co. Donegal. As always the locals and visitors alike came out in force and took advantage of all the events, activities and fun that was happening over the four days.
The Irish weather can never be depended on and true to course, it proved to be ‘festival’ weather at its best….rain, mud, puddles, and sunshine. The elements were in opposition the entire weekend but the local folk beat them at every turn. No event was cancelled, no event was unattended. Many new workshops and activities were introduced this year, and each were attended with sheer consistence. (Unfortunately the tug-o-war was called off due to unsafe conditions).
This year as always I was in the middle of the fun going on. But this year I was there in a different capacity. I spent the weekend behind a camera lens and not in the middle of the mischief and shennanigans I’m normally part of!!! (always good mischief and shennanigans of course!!) The role I undertook this year allowed me to see the festival from all sides, all angles, and at all hours. I attended almost every event and it opened my eyes to quite a lot.
First of all I was impressed with just how much activity there is happening over this weekend for children and families in general. Secondly I was impressed with the dedication and committment of all the folk who come to the festival and host these fairs, workshops, events etc. Thirdly I was impressed with the variety of events taking place. I’d never really noticed just how much happens and takes place on this annual festival in Muff.
And finally I was impressed with the sheer dedication of all the volunteers and organisers of the Muff Festival. I saw first hand the hours they put in over this weekend. I saw how hard they each work over the said weekend. And I saw their passion and enthusiasm for ensuring the festival runs as smoothly as possible. These folk get lost in our criticism and our praise of the Muff Festival. These people give their time throughout the entire year to prepare the four day event. They take it upon themselves to gain support, sponsorship and more, to ensure the festival is held annually. They go out in all weather and prepare each and every event over the festival weekend. I watched as they prepared the field to allow easier access due to the poor weather conditions. I watched as they carried tables into the field early on Sunday morning. I watched as they prepared outdoor events for indoors at the last minute.
Muff Fest 2015
I did manage to assist a little as I watched all this preparation and hard work. I didn’t quite just stand there looking on!! Mind you, the little I did was very minimal in the work the volunteers and organisers were doing constantly.
So as this festival ends for yet another year, do take a moment and thank the folk that ensured the weekend was run…that the weekend went off so smoothly…..and that the weekend provided many families with a fun few days. Cheers folks for all that you do, and here’s to doing it all over again next year.
Check out a selection of photos from the weekend on Muff festival facebook page
As always the committee welcome new suggestions for future festivals and feedback from the one just finished. Drop a wee message on their facebook page or send one here to craicon Muff facebook page. All suggestions and feedback will be considered by the committee for next year.