Moville Weather

I think this is the worst summer in the 12 years I’ve been here.

July last year was good. This year it was awful.

I don’t think many people would have been to the beach this year.

Activities that need good weather, like the Pitch and Putt course at Cooley, must be hit by this summer’s weather.

Highlighting Moville

It was also a lost opportunity to highlight Moville to those who came to Moville for the first time at the BeatlesFest.

With the Putting Green Cafe closed this year it was difficult to put on outside events.

They would almost certainly have been rained off anyway.

Greencastle Regatta

I see that the forecast is supposed to pick up for the Greencastle Regatta this weekend.

I hope they get good weather.

They’re brave enough to put music on in the street just like the New Moville festival who will be putting live music on in the square the following weekend.

It’s a gamble which deserves to succeed.