Plasticine Porters

We received this from Eamon Jones, a member of the duo The Plasticine Porters who played at the BeatlesFest in Moville in Annie’s on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Here’s his email:-

Hope you’ve recovered from the Beatlesfest weekend and are enjoying a well deserved break before starting all over again for Dylanfest!

Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Peter and myself for giving us a chance in our own right this year.

We had two great gigs, with the Saturday night gig playing to a packed bar singing along to Hey Jude, which will live long in the memory.

 Dalhai from Downpatrick

Really enjoyed meeting the lads from Downpatrick, and it was good to give them a few songs on Saturday, their set went down well.

Sorry we didn’t make it to Rosatos on Sunday – we went for a bite and then back to the cottage for a snooze , planning to go down to Rosatos around 11, but we were too wrecked – rock n roll lifestyle takes its toll!

So, all the best for the Dylanfest and we maybe will see you for the 2016 Beatlesfest!