BeatlesFest in Annie’s Bar

Normally the BeatlesFest is only on over 3 days, from Friday to Sunday and the DylanFest is over 4 days from Thursday to Sunday.

However, last year, for the first time, the BeatlesFest was as big as the DylanFest, for the first time, and that was over 3 days.

So, the BeatlesFest on the Lough has been extended this year to 4 days starting on the Thursday (tonight).

Annie’s Bar Opening

Usually the DylanFest opening takes place in Rosatos but they, generously, decided to ‘give someone else a shot’ for this year’s Opening Night at the BeatlesFest – and Annie’s Bar were happy to have it.

Indeed, the popular Annie’s Bar has decided to come in, big time, for both the BeatlesFest, this weekend, and DylanFest at the end of August.

They are putting on more acts than any other bar.

Michael Thomas

Tonight (Thursday), the fantastic New York musician, Michael Thomas, will be playing there from 9:45pm. Michael is an exceptional musician and he, and his band, can play a full Beatles tribute, Dylan tribute, Pink Floyd tribute and Hendrix tribute.

He recently won his heat in TG4’s Busker Abu and was only knocked out in the semis because, according to the judges, he picked the wrong song, Johnny B Goode.

Tony Bramwell, the Beatles Road Manager, will be there and will be happy to say a few words and answer a few questions.

Shaun Hiboy

On Friday night in Annie’s Bar will be popular local act Shaun Hiboy.

Shaun used to regularly play about the town but has come out of ‘retirement’ for the BeatlesFest and will also play the DylanFest later this month.

On Saturday afternoon Annie’s will be having an Open Mic, hosted by Shaun Hiboy starting at 5pm. Bring your guitar along if you want to play.

Annie’s Bar are also looking for buskers to play outside their bar at any time. If you are waiting to play at the Open Mic you could play a few tunes outside.

Plasticine Porters from Belfast

On Saturday night, Annie’s Bar have the Plasticine Porters.

They’re the guys who came up from Belfast last year and played anytime, anywhere.  They went down well and have their own gigs this year.

On Strawberry Fields afternoon on Sunday, Annie’s Bar have an Open Mic led by The Plasticine Porters at around 4pm. Anyone who can play a Beatles song should come along and play.

Again, while waiting, you can play a few tunes outside in the Busker zone.

Luke McLaughlin

Later on, at around 7pm, the magnificent Luke McLaughlin is on. Luke is from Muff but operates out of West London now, touring with his band The Turning who have toured with The Strypes and have played all over England and Europe.

They are a Sixties influenced band and Luke is glad of the opportunity to come back home and play a few songs at the BeatlesFest.

There will be plenty of events on during the BeatlesFest but Annie’s have, certainly, put together a strong line-up.