It’s just over one week now until the commencement of the most sought after summer camp in the area. The one and only Muff Youth Club summer camp!!
This camp normally takes place during the last week in July in the run up to the festival weekend, and this year is no exception.
I was talking to a few of the leaders last night and it reminded me of years gone by when the camp first started up. I recall having little men eagerly awaiting this week all summer. It was one of fun, laughter and sheer enjoyment throughout.
As I was busy preparing a week myself over recent months, I have a little idea of how much work goes into such organising. I had nowhere near the work and time required in the preparation of this forthcoming camp to do for mine. My week was one to inspire and guide children in using their imagination through reading and writing, and was very much part of my working business. I was certainly giving my time, but I was in return getting paid for my time.
As I was being told last night of all that will be happening during the Youth Club Summer Camp it made me realise just how much work goes into the preparation, the delivery and the orgainsation of such. And this is all done by volunteers. This is all done by folk who give up their time all year around to ensure the local Youth Club takes place. This is all done be folk whom I know are using part of their annual leave to assist in the running of the camp. And this is all done by folk who consistently put the children in our community to the fore. Sometimes we forget the dedication of the volunteers in our community.
These folk work tirelessly to ensure that weeks like this forthcoming summer camp take place. And thanks to their work throughout the year, they are able to subsidise the week to help enable children from all walks of life to take part. Huge thanks must surely go to these people – the Youth Club Volunteers.
So here’s wishing you guys a great week with Summer Camp (I’m free to tag along one day you know and be a kid too!!!!) And here’s sending out just a little thanks for all the work that you do.
(If anyone has milk tokens from Donegal Creameries 2 for 1 offer, do give to a memeber of the Youth Club committee over the coming week)