Mia’s Funfitness gals went out for a wee bite last night to wish Mia well on her new adventures (well her early temporary retirement that is!) The Magnet was the venue and the ladies, past and present and future to come, were the company. A delicious meal was had, a little wine, cocktails and other beverages were consumed and the gang continued to remain calm, respectable and even plausable. But as always, with these ladies, it didn’t last! Oh no, the night was only starting!
Z squat
As all heads ventured to The Squealing Pig in Muff it was time to have one last ‘Fit Camp’. And where better than the lounge of the Pig!
There was yoga poses, there was planking, there was Sally dancing, and there was a pyramid. And there was Pole Dancing!!! If you think the Squealing Pig is just a bar for sipping in, then think again.
Z pyramid
Mia and her gang may have left their mark on the QPS all weather pitch and clubhouse, but now they’ve left it in the hub of the village, The Pig! Boy what a gal, and boy what a squad of ladies. Until the next time, it’s back to early temporary retirement once more!!
And a very happy 40th to Zita 🙂