Moville Lighthouse Swim

It’s becoming one of the big events of the year, the Moville Lighthouse Swim.

When Paedar McKevitt started it a few years ago he wanted to get to 100 swimmers.

Today there will be 60 which is a big jump on last year when it was something like 34.

He should reach his target in the next couple of years.

Record Breaker

Lat year the winner swam it in somewhere between 14 and 15 minutes.

A pod of dolphins joined them last year out at the lighthouse.

With the waters so choppy I don’t think there will be any records today.

Indeed, it’s possible that one or two swimmers might need to be rescued.

With the extra numbers, it is going to be more difficult for the timers this year.

It was hard enough last year.

It all starts at 2:30pm today (Saturday).

You should go down and watch them at the old pier.