Teddy Bears’ Picnic

By Rose Kelly.

In the Summer of 2014 in the space of just seven weeks, beginning on the 8th July, an estimated 556 Palestinian children and one Israeli child were killed in what Israel called ‘Operation Protective Edge.’

Over 3.374 children were injured, of whom over 1000 of these have been permanently disabled.

The ripple waves of loss and trauma that war sends out are beyond the measure of these or any other statistics to define.

Such a story of a war on the innocent can be overwhelming. Paralysing. Frightening.

What, if anything can we possibly do in the face of such enormity of violence and pain?

All You Need is Love

There is a theory that the greatest antidote to violence, hatred, fear is love.

Children who time and time again pay the highest price for the madness of adults, instinctively recognise, understand and express love.

It follows then, that in the face of such a crisis of love as war brings, then looking to and listening to the children is not only a moral imperative, but among our best chances of a peaceful world.

With all of this in mind, there will be a ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic for Peace’ at 1pm at the Putting Green on the Shorefront, Moville on Saturday 18th July.

The Lost Teddy of Carn

The idea for the picnic has been inspired by a bear found in the Carndonagh library earlier this year.

This particular teddy bear who was inadvertently left behind, is clearly a much-loved teddy.

While waiting to be re-united with his human friend, the teddy has spent several months acting as a catalyst for ideas in the Afri (www.afri.ie) ‘Just a Second’ project.

‘Just a Second’ involves students working to examine the costs of war and to imagine and bring into reality the alternative.

‘The Teddy for Peace ‘as he is being referred to, will be present at the picnic and available for photographs!

Feeding of the Five Thousand

In the spirit of love and solidarity the picnic is intended to express, those attending are asked to bring along food for themselves and to share if they can, as well as their own dishes, spoons/forks and blanket/cushion to sit on.

Music, art, games, clowning, fun will all be happening!

The picnic as a celebration of childhood, freedom, peace and love and the intention is that these may enjoyed by children the world over.

Teddy Boys and Teddy Girls

The picnic will be followed by a free showing of ‘The Bee Movie’ at 3pm in St. Eugene’s Hall Moville.

Please note that all Teddies should bring a human and that all children attending must be accompanied by a responsible adult!

For further information, please contact: Rose Kelly 0861604080