Cooley Pitch and Putt in Moville

Three years ago I asked Andrew Harkin what the course record was for the pitch and putt course at Cooley

He said that it was set by James McDermott, who is a fireman, and who lives opposite the school.

As it is a par-three course, par is 54.

And the only man ever to have beaten par is James who shot 53.

I’m told that this took place around 15 years ago.

Cooley Record Broken

That record is now gone.

My best until this year was 55, one over par and that was three years ago.

The course is playing great, though, possibly the best for years.

I try to get up there as much as possible. It’s a nice bit of exercise in the fresh air with a great view.

Course Length

My brother-in-law measured the course recently with one of those devices in his watch while walking round the course.

He walked 1.65 miles as he walked round the 18 holes.

If you go round twice, as I do, then that is 3.3 miles.

I walk home as well and that is a further 0.75 miles.

So, if I do two rounds and walk home I’ve walked 4 miles. I do that a few times a week.

Cooley Course Record

As it is in great condition and I want to get a bit fitter I’ve played quite a few rounds this year.

I’ve had 8 scores of 56 this year and one of 55, which equalled my record – until today.

I went round in 53 – which is one under par for the par three course.

That equalled James McDermott’s record from all those years ago.

I was thinking fo leaving it at that and going home but thought I would give it another go.

Under Par at Cooley

By the time I had finished the 11th hole I was 4 under par for the course. I had hit 7 threes and 4 twos.

The course record was one under par.

There were seven holes to go, including the two most difficult, the 12th and the 18th.

If I got fours on those and threes on the others, I would beat the record by one.

I started to get nervous. Would my swing go to pieces? Would my nerve hold out?

18th Hole at Cooley

I did take a four on the long uphill 12th.

However, I managed threes on all the other holes to the 18th, despite some nervous moments.

The 18th is the longest hole of the lot and hard to reach with a pitching wedge.

A 4 would give me the record, a 52 – the best that’s ever been hit on that course.

Should I just play safe and take a 4 and get the record?

Trouble at 18th Hole at Cooley

Or should I go for it and try to get a 51 – two better han the record and harder to beat?

The road lay to the right of me and I have often hit it out into the road while trying to hit the ball harder and get more distance.

One bad shot would ruin the round and perhaps my only chance of ever getting the record.

What the hell!

I decided to go for it!

Mishit Shot at Cooley Pitch and Putt

I did it again. I mishit the shot in the way I often do and it was veering toward the side and the road.

There’s a metal barrier there.Under it is bushes and over it is the road.

If I went under it or over it the chance of a record was gone.

However, I went into the metal and bounced off.

I was still along way from the hole but hit my second to just off the green.

I putted to about 3 feet away.

Final Putt

I now needed tha three-foot put for a 52 and the record.

Surely I couldn’t miss now.

I hit it hard and at the middle of the hole to take any beak away – and in it went.

I had become the owner of the best ever score at Moville’s pitch and putt course at Cooley.

James McDermott’s 15 year old record had gone.

Trumpet Blowing

I hope you don’t think that I’m blowing my own trumpet (which I am a little) but I had to share it with somebody.

I came home and told my 22-year-old daughter, who was completely underwhelmed by it and didn’t seem to think it was a big matter at all – indeed less so than the TV programme she was watching.

I don’t think she appreciates the importance of hitting a small ball with a stick in a field at the top of Moville in fewer shots than anyone else.

If she does she didn’t show it.

Cooley Pitch and Putt Course

Fewer people are going up to play at the course at Cooley nowadays which is a shame.

It’s very relaxing and a lot of fun up there in the fresh air and the views are fantastic.

From my point of view it would be great if my 52 lasts as a course record as long as James McDermott’s record – but, if it doesn’t, good luck to the person who beats it.

Thank God that metal fence was there today, though, or my pitching wedge might have followed the ball into the road!