It was just after 6.15am today when I arrived over at QPS all Weather pitch for what was to be my last fit camp morning. I cannot sit here and write pretending to have been to every fit camp session lately, as I’ve been to very few, but it’s always there, at the back of my mind to rekindle my love of the 5.30am starts. I’ve managed a Friday of recent so who knows what the future will hold?
It must be about 5 years ago now, that I set out on my first fitness class. It was in Quigleys Point Community Centre and this ‘aerobics’ session was being hosted by our very own Maria McC. So myself and my cousin tagged along, and before long, we were driving on frosty evenings to get to our aerobic class. It was during one of these sessions that I learned (from Mia) that a pinch of salt helps that dreaded cramp.
Those classes were fun, but I never did get the hang of the fecking grapevine move… seemed so simple but my lack of coordination never gelled with this.
And then it was a boxercise class in QPS clubhouse on a Saturday morning. Now that was fun. I got to punch people and laugh. Heck I know a certain someone I wouldn’t mind using the glove on now!!!
And then it was time for me to join the Mia Funfitness fit camp. It was April 2014 and I had a family wedding coming up in September of that year. I was making a speech at the wedding, standing at the altar with the bridal party, and dancing that first dance…..I had to look good…I had to be toned….I had to be cool!!! And so the 5.30am starts began.
I huffed, and I puffed. I moaned and I groaned. I sweated and I fretted, but at all times I squatted! The pain was intense, but ‘she’ insisted it was ‘good pain’. I had to believe her! Six months went past and I felt the part. Suddenly looking good wasn’t important, it was all about feeling good. Mia instilled in us all the importance of how we feel and not how we look. Mind you, we all look pretty good anyways ladies!!!!! We do …. we do!!!
And when winter set in, some of us, took a bit of a back seat (mainly ME). But we continued to meet up and more recently I embarked on the Yoga classes once more. Bendy Aunty Fran has also been a huge inspiration and motivator to us all over the past while. (Thanks Fran)
yoga mat
When Mia announced last month that this was to be her last fit camp, it brought a frown to many of our faces. If we were to think of the reality and the end of 5.30am alarms, the end of the dreaded warm up, the end of that alleged good pain, then we should smile and say ‘yah’. But alas, no one who is or who has been involved with this fitcamp and Mia could say such.
I know I’m not alone when I say that this experience with Maria McColgan, aka Mia, has not only motivated me to continue with my fitness, given me new goals, a new belief in myself, most importantly it has allowed me to make so many amazing new friends. People whom I knew to see, people whom I recognise in the street, but now people whom I can call friends.

Maria has been such an inspiration in so many ways. She not only pushed us to the limit, but she mentored us, she was our therapist, she was our doctor, she IS our friend.
So Maria, as you embark on a whole new period in life (with some ‘me time), do it with that fabulous head of yours held high. Do it with the same determination and inspiration you have instilled in each of us. Do it for YOU.
Maria, aka Mia, from each and every one of the ladies who have been a part of Mia Funfitness, this is a simple thank you from us all.
Here’s wising you every luck and success towards the next chapter life brings your way.
Here’s looking at you kid 🙂