BeatlesFest in Moville

There will be a choise of music in Moville and Greencastle on the bank holiday weekend at the start of August.

The BeatlesFest will be taking place that weekend from July 30th to August 2nd.

However, on the Sunday night they will have competition in Greencastle with Louis Walsh’s latest boy band Hometown playing at the Greencastle Community Centre as a prologue to the Greencastle Regatta which takes place from August 6th to 9th.

The new boy band members are Dean, Josh, Cian, Brendan, Ryan and Dayl.

Hooley in Cooley

Also taking place that weekend will be the Hooley in Cooley and the crowning of Miss Greencastle 2015. It will be a crowded weekend in Moville and Greencastle.

The Beatles, of course, were the first ever boy band.

They did, of course, unlike most other boy bands, go on to become serious musicians, writing some of the best songs of all time like Hey Jude, Something, Imagine, Let It Be, Yesterday, Strawberry Fields, A Day in the Life and Eleanor Rigby.

Clash of Gigs?

So, will the clash of gigs hurt each other?

Said BeatlesFest organiser, Gerry McLaughlin, “I don’t think they will have much impact on each other. I don’t think the audience for a boy band and for the Beatles would have much crossover.

“Many of the boy band fans couldn’t get into the pubs anyway where most of the BeatlesFest action will take place.

“There’s probably more crossover with the Hooley in Cooley but the BeatlesFest and the Hooley in Cooley took place last year on the same weekend – and they both ran pretty successfully.

“I’m sure a busy weekend like that can accommodate a BeatlesFest, a Hooley in Cooley and Louis Walsh’s latest boy band.

“It’s all good news for the people of Moville and Greencastle and the visitors to the town”.