The Squealing Pig wee bar is always a haven for great music but sometimes there’s that extra special gig! Last night was one of those gigs! Luke Mac and his guitar were in the house and the rest is history!
Prior to flying back to London this morning, Luke was giving the village one last taste of his talent before rejoining his fellow bandmates from The Turning today. Luke has become well known in the village (now a local when home) and his popularity is growing as each visit comes along.
Having heard Luke a number of times I knew what to expect last night but I brought an avid music friend of mine along who hadn’t heard him. He’s got another dedicated fan and she’s earerly awaiting a gig soon by The Turning. She even admited that Luke’s version of Bruce’s ‘Born to Run’ was the best cover she’d ever heard. That certainly is a compliment coming from this lady.
As always Luke did a range of music and each piece had his own take on it. From Thin Lizzy to King’s Of Leon, Christy Moore to Bruce, this guy strums music at its best.
Luke is lead singer with London based band The Turning. They’ve been gigging at festivals all over the UK this year and most recently in Derry. After a short working holiday, the lads are about to resume such in the coming weeks. They’ve just recorded their new single GROUNDHOG DAY which is due for release very soon. Check it out on their facebook page The Turning.
The Turning are only in the infancy of the muisc world and are set to take that same world by storm very soon. Luke and the lads have that special something when it comes to music. You only have to see them on stage once to notice this. Their clear influence of the 60’s and 70’s musical heritages shines through in their muisc.
Having gigged last year with The Strypes, the lads from The Turning will soon have the law of the music land at their feet.
Luke Mac will soon have the Pig wee bar queueing for a glimpse of him, let alone trying to hear him. This young local lad may have had Muff on its feet last night, but very soon, he and the lads will have the world at their feet. And I’m tagging along to those gigs guys!!
From the Pig wee bar last night, Luke is hanging out with Noel Gallagher and Echo and The Bunnymen tonight in London. Not bad for a local guy. One cool, super talented, and down right lovely local guy at that. Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing him again soon 🙂
The Turning