Moville Weather

The weather has been pretty good recently in Moville.

It’s been warm and there has been some sun.

However, those of us who watch Wimbledon will have been hearing about the record temperatures there.

Commentators have been asking if play should continue when it is so hot.

High Pressure

It was 41.2 degrees Celsius at Wimbledon yesterday – which, it seems, is a record for there.

That compares with our 20 to 25 degrees.

It seems that there is a High covering the south and east of England.

We are just on the edge of this.

Sun, Cloud and Showers

We keep hoping that we will sucked in nearer the centre of this High before it disappears.

Whilst it is forecast to be pleasant here over the next few days we are talking about low twenties with a mixture of sun and cloud and some showers.

So, while it has been nice enough weather here, and comfortable, we still have the feeling that we are missing out a little compared to some parts of the British Isles.

But that is usually the way!