Live Music


Rosatos has Savage Henry tonight.

That’s the duo where the lead singer sounds like James McIvor and the other one of the duo plays double bass.

The singer is always part of the duo but the bass player isn’t always.

There appears to be a rotation policy.

They’re an excellent duo.

The Clock

The Clock has Electric Fly playing tonight, who, I think are from Derry.

They are, arguably, the best band that plays in there – and they get some great bands.

They’ll be worth going to see.

Annie’s Bar

Annie’s has gone even better this week with two live acts on tonight.

They have Dominic McDaid playing at 10pm in the front bar and they have the band The Real Thing playing in the back bar at the same time.

That should be interesting.

Other Pubs

There’s usually country music in the Corner Bar and live music in the Caiseal Mara hotel and Rawdons and a DJ in Maguires.