Cooley Pitch and Putt

The course record at Cooley Pitch and Putt has stood for quite  along time – at least 10 years, I’m told.

It stands at 53 – which is just one under par.

It’s owned by a guy called McDermott who lives up by the old Boys School, I’m told.

Par Three Course

It’s a par three course, of 18 holes, which makes 54 par for the course.

That means that par has been broken only once in the history of the course.

It’s quite a tricky little course with punishments for any mistakes you make.

Views of Lough Foyle

It’s very well situated too, with great views of Lough Foyle.

It’s nice and peaceful and calm up there and I like to go up there as often as I can to relax.

The course is playing pretty well this year and it’s already in better condition than last year.

Cooley Course Record

My own record is 55.

I hit that maybe 3 or 4 years ago.

I’d had 56 three times this year which was frustrating.

However, I managed to equal my record yesterday when I struck another 55.

It was pleasing but, as always, in golf, frustrating too.

Cooley Course Record Attempt

After 16 holes I was on a score of 47, which averages slightly under 3 a hole.

I was one under par – which the record holder’s final score was.

Two fours and I would equal my record.

A four and a three and I would beat my record and also record par for the course for the first time.

Two par threes and I would equal McDermott’s record from all those years ago.

A two at the 17th and a three at the harder eighteenth and I would score the best score ever posted in the history of the course at Cooley.

Standing On The 17th Tee

It was all on as I stood on the 17th tee.

Would I make history (well, mini history)?

I had considered all these possibilities as I weighed up my shot off the tee.

Horrible Shot

And then I hit a horrible shot which ended up nearly as far away from the hole as  I started.

The club just twisted around in my hand.

It was an involuntary movement of my hands.

Still, maybe a great chip would take me near the hole and I could still get a three.

However, my chip only just took me onto the green.

Could I hole the putt to still make a three?


It landed just by the hole – but it was a four on one of the easier holes.

Final Hole at Cooley

A three at the last would have still broken by own record and it would have given me par for the course.

The 18th is the hardest hole on the course and I took 4.

So, I equalled my best score but it was what could have been that I was thinking of.

Give Cooley Pitch and Putt a Try

Never mind, I’ll go up today or tomorrow, depending on the weather and try again.

You should give it a shot.

It’s a lot of fun and it has a great view of the town and across Lough Foyle.

It takes you well away from the worries of the day.

And maybe you might beat that ages old record of 53.