Féile Grianán Áiligh Summer Solstice welcomed the longest day earlier today with a festival of like minded souls. Those souls may have been shivering with the cold night/early morning air, but it didn’t deter anyone from enjoying the dawn chorus at Grianán.
From music and song, to coffee and hotdogs, it was all there this morning for the bright eyed and bushy tailed folk brave enough to weather the chilly temperatures. Folk arrived in their droves as always and took advantage of the commute up hill to the fort.
Staff worked avidly through the night and organisation was apparent to all and sundry.
When the two Muff ladies arrived, there was giggles and chitter. When they spotted RTE, the hair was fixed and the lippy sorted!
Everyone sauntered around and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the morning. All hands were shivering but none were willing to leave until the sun made an appearance amongst the clouds.
And finally it did. The longest day of the year is now upon us and I for one enjoyed the craic as always at Grianán.