Today may well be the longest day of the year. But that’s not all today is! Today is the 50th birthday of one of Muff’s best loved characters. Golly G, aka Shaun Gallagher. The G man has indeed hit the half century mark.11358635_10206534067247899_1673406704_n
Golly, as he is better known, is a well loved postman in the local area. He’s a huge part of the local sporting community and in particular Quigley’s Point Swifts FC. He’s one of the best musicians the locality has ever produced – no one will match this guy on the banjo or the mandolin. He’s very much an all rounder in the community.
Young and the not so young love this man. He is always there when something is needing doing. He’s always there when there’s craic to be had. And he’s always there when you’re a friend in need. We all need friends by our side and there’s no better friend to have than this man. He’s one of a kind in every way.
The local pub, The Squealing Pig immediately takes on a new lease of life when Golly walks in the door. If he has the banjo in hand, then you’re guaranteed a night’s entertainment you won’t forget.
Kids in the area begin playing football from ages 4 upwards. Each and every one of them look up to this man. It’s a fitting tribute when you see these young folk grow up and retain their fondness for him.
From my own experience I just know him as a friend one can always rely on. Now there have been a few coffees had between us which ended up being a tad strong coffee!!!!
Golly G is a larger than life character. The devil is regularly pouring out of those eyes. But behind all the madness is a man with the biggest heart. A man with a love of music and sport. A man with a love of true community spirit.
Now like everyone, he does have his faults: his being a Liverpool supporter. However, for the day that’s in it, we’ll let that go!
Golly G, G man, Shaun Gallagher, here’s wishing you a fantastic birthday and a great year ahead, from everyone in Muff. And here’s to the next 50. Happy birthday ya young thing 🙂