Moville Pitch and Putt Course

I must say that I much prefer to get my exercise as a by-product of doing something that I enjoy.

I tend to find gyms very boring after going just a few times.

When I lived in London, twice I paid great amounts to join gyms and then paid the annual membership at great cost.

However, after going a few times I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to go back and do the tedious tasks you do there to get fit.

It is highly repetitive and, to be frank, I found it excessively boring.

Fresh Air Exercise

What’s more it is indoors so you are not taking in fresh air when you exercise.

I don’t mind a walk – but not too far – maybe as far as Lafferty’s Lane and back – and only on a good, sunny day.

Any further and I’m starting to think “maybe I should turn back now”.

Bath Green Tennis Court

I much prefer to have a game of tennis down Bath Green.

It’s a great location overlooking the lough, you’re taking in fresh air – and it’s enjoyable.

And you get the exercise, and the fitness, as a by-product of doing something you enjoy anyway.

Pitch and Putt at Cooley

Playing Pitch and Putt at the course in Cooley comes under that banner as well.

18 holes of Pitch and Putt is much more enjoyable than a walk for me.

It’s got a great view over the lough, it’s in the fresh air and it is enjoyable – and again the exercise and the fitness is a by-product of doing something you enjoy anyway.

It’s quite peaceful up there. It gives you time to think.

Good Pitch and Putt Course

It’s a great little course too.

It’s very well made and punishes mistakes.

The course record is 53, which is just one-under-par for a Par-3 course. So, it is not a course you can easily tame.

My best is 55 and my best this year is 56 and  I average around 60.

It doesn’t really matter, though.

People of all abilities go up there to have a round and it is very relaxed.

If you want to get a little fitter, but would rather do something other than going to the gym or going on long walks or runs, then the Pitch and Putt course at Cooley is for you.

It only costs €5 with another euro as a deposit for the equipment.