Coffee Tree in Derry

I tried out a new cafe in Derry yesterday.

It is just round the corner (to the left) as you get off the Moville / Derry bus.

It’s called the Coffee Tree.

I’ve always quite liked the Cafe Nero in Derry in the Richmond shopping centre and it’s a place where I arrange to meet people afterwards if we are going our different shopping ways.

The other place that I would go for a bite during a shopping trip would be the Cafe Nervosa, part of the Nerve Centre in the shadow of Derry’s Walls.

Coffee Tree – Best of Both

The Coffee Tree is a mixture of both.

It has the comfort of the Cafe Nero and the informality of the Cafe Nervosa.

It’s also very handy for shopping at the Quayside and for the Moville bus.

After shopping has ended and you are waiting for the bus it would be a very handy place to go.

Coffee Tree Food

So, what is the food like?

I had the banana bread which cost either £2 or £2.50 – I can’t remember with a pot of tea.

I usually take the teabag out so that my second cup is not stronger than the first one.

When I attempted to do so I found that it wasn’t a teabag at all but a filter with real, loose tea – which was a nice touch.

Banana Bread

Indeed, the place is full of ‘nice touches’.

I had to wait 5 minutes for the banana bread to be ready so it was hot and moist when I got it, which was great.

It was a great portion too.

I saw a home-made scone with grated cheese and ham inside being prepared. They were going to grill it to melt the cheese.

It looked great.

Comfy Sofas

There are some great comfy leather sofas there.

As I said it would remind you a little of the comfortable Cafe Nero.

It would also remind you of the cafe Central Perk in Friends, the US TV comedy show.

Perhaps it should be called Central Derk or Central Derryk.

Cafes for Roman Emperors

Or perhaps they could call it something similar to the Cafe Nero idea.

Maybe they could call it after another Roman Emperor of around the same time.

What about Cafe Caligula.

That’s got a nice sound to it, hasn’t it? It rolls off the tongue better than Cafe Nero doesn’t it?

On a more serious note, I would definitely go there again.

Famous Actor

It combines the best features of my two favourite ‘bite-to-eat’ shopping trip cafes.

I also think I spotted a famous actor in there. I’ve seen him in a few things.

I knew the face but I couldn’t quite put a name to him.

I’d recommend the Coffee Tree cafe to anyone going on a shopping trip to Derry – especially if they have time to kill while waiting a while for the Moville bus.