One of our fist ladies of Muff is in serious need of a visit to Specsavers. We all try to put off the inevitable at some stage in life, but there comes a time when the truth must be faced. And Margi that time is NOW….I have the number of both Derry and Letterkenny Specsavers if you need assistance! I can highly recommend the Letterkenny establishment where both my aunt and cousin work!!
How do I know that Margi needs this visit…..just yesterday at the Fr O’Gara cup final (she arrived a little late) she was beside me and after ten minutes lets out a rather large sigh, followed by ‘Oh QPS are in white! I’ve just been supporting the blue!’ Thank heavens that first goal didn’t come in those 10 minutes or we would’ve had to escort you off the pitch missus.
Oh when the swifts…….