Human Cyborgs

Human beings will upgrade themselves to become cyborgs in less than 200 years according to a Hebrew university Professor.

Man and machine will merge so that people will potentially live forever.

Using new technology, humans will upgrade themselves.

We will use advances in technology, and in understanding of our DNA, to do this.

Human Gods

The rich will be first to do this, changing themselves into divine, immortal humans with total power over life and death.

 Biological manipulation or genetic engineering will be the key to this new breed of supermen and superwomen.
It will be the biggest leap forward in human advancement since life began.
There will be as big a difference between people of the future and people now as there are between ourselves and chimps now.
We will be looked upon as very backward creatures in the future – perhaps the way we look upon Neanderthal Man now.
Human Cybermen
The people of the future will be part machine and part organic.
We will be like the Daleks or Cybermen in Doctor Who.
The Professor argues that religion will disappear. He says that Silicon Valley is where this new advancement in the human condition will come from.
There will be no disease, no sickness.
The Professor doesn’t say how, or whether, these human / machines would reproduce in the future.
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley believes that all problems can be solved by technology. Indeed some companies have already announced plans to fuse humans and machines, so it has already begun.
Certainly in the early days it will only be the rich who can afford it – and this will separate them from the rest of humanity.
They will become much cleverer than the rest of us and will control our destinies – for good or bad.

Are you looking forward to this brave new world?
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Things That Make You Say Hmmmm
My spellchecker for this article was fine with the word ‘supermen’ and let it pass as a recognized word.
However, it said that ‘superwomen’ was not a real word and suggested some other words that I might have meant instead.