Anchor Bar

Most people from Moville, and visitors to Moville, will have happy memories of the Anchor Bar, which is down by the pier in Moville.

I remember it in the mid-Eighties, when Jackie Holmes ran it, when Patsy Cavanagh used to sing there at weekends.

I remember one summer in the Eighties when I decided to stay on here for a couple of months after I came for the summer, on into October.

Summer really died after Sea Angling Week which was in late August.

It was very quiet.

Patsy Cavanagh

I used to look forward to Tuesday nights in the Anchor when Patsy played there. It broke up the week.

“It’s a Long Way From Clare To Here” I remember as a regular favourite at the time.

On the jukebox some of the most played songs would be Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie and Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cindy Lauper.

Hair of the Dog

When the late American Mike took it over, he changed it to the Hair of the Dog. He hired some great bands from Derry and Belfast as well as some great local acts.

The Plea from Ballyliffin cut their teeth there.

I still remember a balmy night when I was down there one summer night with a few friends.

We sat on the wall outside and looked across a moonlit lough as the music came through the open doors as we supped our pints.

Anchor Bar for Sale

Anyway, it is for sale now.

It is going for an astonishing low €190,000. It would have been a lot more than that just a few years ago.

Indeed, I’m told that Mike sold the licence for €170,000 a few years ago to someone in Galway.

However, €190,000 is very cheap for what is potentially Moville’s best pub again – and what a location.

That’s only about £135,00 in sterling terms.

It’s a steal!

Although the licence is gone you can purchase them now for about 30 grand, I’m told as pubs go bust up and down the country.

Historic Value

It has historic value too as that was the Ticket Office where people emigrating to America bought their tickets and left from the pier to go to America.

It would be great if someone bought it and opened it up again.

For further details see Anchor Bar Sale Details

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar