Doctors and Teachers

A new survey, by PMLT and Comres, in the UK, of over 2,000 people asked them which professions they saw as most trustworthy.

Coming out easily top were Doctors and Teachers.

Doctors were trusted by an enormous 84% of the population.

Teachers were close behind, trusted by 80% of people.

Next came the police on 62%.

So, doctors and teachers and police – you are appeciated after all!

Least Trusted Professions

So, what are the least trusted professions?

Predictably politicians are bottom with only 1-in-10 (10%) trusting them.

Perhaps it is different in Ireland.

Of course, it could be lower still.

Down in the Nether regions of Trustworthiness

So, who is next bottom in Dante’s Inferno of the least trusted?

It’s journalists!

Only 11%, or 1-in-9 people, trust them.

So, who is next bottom of the pile of the least trusted?

It’s estate agents – or Auctioneers as they are called here.

Only 15% of people trust them.

Of course, this survey was done in the UK and not Ireland.

Bankers’ Trust Gone

Remember when you used to go to your banker at your local bank to ask advice when you wanted to invest some money?

Well in just a matter of less than a decade, that trust built over generations by bank managers, has disappeared.

Bankers are only trusted by 18% of people now.

They are down in the nether regions of the distrusted in Dante’s Inferno along with Politicians, Journalists and Estate Agents.

So, what do you think?

Do you trust doctors, teachers and garda the most?

Do you think that politicians, journalists, auctioneers and bankers are more trustworthy in Ireland than this poll suggests?

Let’s hear you comments at the bottom of the page!