Spring Tides

I went to see Spring Tides play in the heats of Busker Abu along with many others from Moville.

They got through to the sing-off, i.e. the final two of the 8 acts.

I was convinced they had won.

However, they finished 2nd behind Suantrai.

Tonight Suantrai made it through to the finals of Busker Abu.

Sadly, Michael Thomas, from Portstewart, who plays Rosatos during the BeatlesFest, went out.

He told me that, as he got there late last time so they told him that he should be on time this time.

However, he had a gig the night before and travelled immediately the gig finished in Portstewart to go to Dublin.

So, he hadn’t slept at all by the time he played.

Never mind!

He won his heat.