by Enda Craig

Water Meter Installers

There is a rogue team of Irish Water meter installers in Inishowen peninsula and it’s time they were stopped in their tracks. Their ‘modus operandi’ is to ignore all installation agreements.

For instance,

1. They use an unmarked van – this is not allowed.

2. They do not produce I.D. when requested

3. They invade private property without permission and refuse to leave when requested

4. They have given zero notification of their intention to install water meter installation. By Irish Water’s own agreement ( which was agreed with An Garda Siochana and is written on their web-site ) ALL residents must be given two weeks notice to begin with, followed by a two day notice and then, finally, must knock on your door on the mentioned day to alert you of the imminent water meter installation.

All this is being ignored as they move furtively from estate to estate installing meters without the knowledge of the residents. Worst of all, when challenged they use foul language totally ignoring their own work agreements and trample over the rights of the residents. This has now been well documented by the experience of a local Moville resident and indeed other examples now coming to our notice.

Our group,Moville Community Against Water Meters, has already made Irish Water and An Garda Siochana aware of this abuse and we are now calling on all our elected representatives to come to the aid of their constituents and insist that Irish Water deal immediately with the unlawful and unacceptable behaviour of this team of water meter installers.

Contacting the Gardai

In replay to Enda someone else said:-

“Everyone in Inishowen should be contacting the Gardaí and reporting this matter. Soon we will have all kinds of unmarked white vans snooping about your property disguised as meter installers with the intention to rob you if your house is left unattended. They are also leaving older people living in further fear of their own safety due to the actions of the Irish Water scam and con job that it is. Time to turn your community alert action on and let the Gardaí know today.

“Why not just pick up the phone to the Gardaí and report that you have heard or seen these instances occurring and ask them what are they doing about it? Irish Water did advise the Gardaí on how they would be carrying out the work safely and this is not what is being done, i.e. all workers carrying ID, work vehicles identified.

Gardai Contact Details

“Call them now and let them know. That’s what they are paid for, that’s what they are there for. Get name and ID number of Garda too.
Garda Stations:
Moville 074 93 82002
Carndonagh 074 93 74109
Buncrana 074 93 20540

“Please note Irish Water is the biggest scam unfolding in Ireland and many many people are unaware of it. Your water, our water will be sold to the highest bidder unless you play your part in stopping this. By registering with Irish Water you are giving consent by your own free will to hand over more money and pay again for water. This is also consent for our water to be sold. Then there will be a charge for water many times greater than what they are trying to charge today. Remember we already pay via current taxes.

“WAKE UP, WISE UP and STAND UP against this corruption.

“(You can copy & paste or forward this to all your contacts in Inishowen and Donegal and Eire)”.