The following statement has been forwarded to me regarding the public meeting next Tuesday night, 12th May at 8pm, in St. Mary’s Hall, Muff:

Water Warriors Donegal and North Donegal IRSP are holding a public, non political party meeting, and public information night, to highlight the ongoing fight against Irish Water and the installation of water meters, and to show people the way to beat Irish water is by mass non-payment of the bills.
The meeting will be chaired by Simon McElroy from Water Warriors and Mark McKinney from IRSP. We invite all the people of the Muff area and indeed anyone that wants to learn more about the protest. This meeting is an all inclusive meeting and we invite members from every anti water group in the area and political groups are also all welcome. However, this is an non party political meeting, and only talk about the subject in question on the night please.
We want this meeting to be the first of many to step up the protest and unite everyone involved; united not under one name or banner but as a collection of various groups, all with their own banners and views, but with one major thing in common – the fight against Irish water and their bills.
Its time to get together and push this protest to a high level and crush Irish water and their Bills!