Your Age Showing

How old do you look?

Have you ever wondered?

Do people think you are older than you are – or younger than you are?

Or when asked do they take 2 or 3 years off what they really think your age is when you ask them?

Software Prediction

There’s now software which can guess what age you are.

It said that the Duchess of Cambridge is 27 when she is really 33 but said her husband Prince William is 40 – when he is a year younger than she is.

It thought that David Cameron was 51 when he is really 48.

What age do you think Nigel Farage is?

The software guessed 57 when he is really 51.

Ed Milliband

What about Ed Milliband?

It thought he was 37 when he is really 45.

He’s definitely got something out of this election campaign.

It reckons that Nick Clegg is 2 years younger than his actual 48.

My Age

Did I try it?

Of course I did.

Gerry McLaughlin

Gerry McLaughlin

All I’ll say is that it has got me at 5 years younger than I actually am (please don’t say “God knows what age he really is then”).

It was taken 4 years ago so there’s a possibility that I may have aged badly in the past 4 years and that I’ve caught up with myself.

Have  Shot

So, do you want to have a shot?

Do you dare?

If so click on Guess My Age and then click on Use Your Own Photo.

You can then load a picture from your My Pictures library (providing you have pictures of yourself there).

It then comes up with your age.

Friends and Family

If you have pictures of your friends or family (or enemies) you can try it with their photos too.

Tell them if it is flattering.

Resist the temptation to tell them if it is not.

My Pictures

Actually, I’ve got quite a few pictures of people in my My Pictures library.

I might just go in and see what the software thinks their age is.

I might, and might not, tell them over the weekend.

I might tell them, tantalisingly, that I did it but that I can’t tell them the results. They’ll need to look themselves.

At least, I’ll get a few extra Page Views for CraicOn – and have a bit of fun too.

If you see me over the weekend – I may have already checked how old you really look.

If I know you well but don’t mention it…..