I’ve never claimed to be a first class chef and I’ve never aspired to be such. But the food that gets cooked always gets eaten and that’s good enough for me. However my youngest son is forever comparing my signature ‘wraps’ to that of local girl Niamh Mc’s ‘wraps’ at the Spar deli counter in Muff.
And it’s not only my wraps that get this comparison, it’s the wraps of every café and restaurant the length and breadth of the country. The boy has an inclination to pop along to the said deli on a regular basis once the weekend sets in. It has even got to the stage that when I met Niamh recently I felt obliged to tell her that as the said boys mother I do actually cook him three meals a day!
So what is Niamh’s secret? I’ve tried different ‘sweet chilli’ sauces…different cheeses, even chicken from every shop in the country…..but alas, none come close to Niamhs.
Just recently, myself and the boy were eating in one of my favourite haunts in Derry (the same place where the boy first tried this particular wrap that he’s addicted to) and as always he ordered his wrap. It came down and immediately he complained that it wasn’t toasted. I told him to just enjoy this for a change. To which he simply replied, ‘Niamh would toast it’!! So he ate the cold wrap and said it was ‘just ok, but Niamh’s is far better’!
We’ve stopped at deli’s all over Donegal and each time, he orders his ‘wrap’. And each time, Niamh gets a mention, and always in the positive sense. Even the way others cut the wrap is compared to how Niamh cuts it. There’s no meeting her expertise in wrap creation!
I’ve made the same wrap at home regularly and yet it’s compared to hers. There’s no escaping the fact that he really has tried the rest….but Niamh Mc’s are simply the best!