Last night saw the monthly gathering of the said Muff Ladies. It was time to wine and dine once more. The gals might be working Tuesday morning but that doesn’t stop these folk from venturing out on a Monday night!
But this gathering was a farewell to one of the ladies. Yes, she packing her bags, and departing the homeland of Muff for her former homeland….that of Carndonagh. I guess you can take the girl out of Carndonagh but you can’t take Carndonagh out of the girl! So after many years, Carndonagh has lured her back!
The setting was Saffron and the company was the norm (minus one gal who was in bed with 2 paracetamol and a bag of frozen peas!!!). As we entered the restaurant (which was recommended by one of the ladies who claimed to have been there once or twice) the lovely waiter welcomed us and welcomed the organiser of the night a little more warmly than the rest of us….clearly she’s been there quite a few time more than she claimed!! In fact as the night progressed she is coming close to being part of the furniture there!! However, that’s another story.
The menu looked delightful and the wine list rather inviting. Mind you it was difficult keeping this gang from raiding the bottles on the back wall! So wine was ordered (priorities prevail with this gang) and the menu was viewed. Now the pronunciations weren’t great…thankfully the all too familiar gal knew just about everything on the menu so was able to assist us all with our choices.
As the starters were delivered we were learning that Muff is about to gain a rather handsome new chap….and fortunately he won’t be living to far from me! We’re planning on introducing ourselves quite soon so he knows that he has some good friends he can rely on whilst getting to know our wee village. We’ll keep him right….one of the ladies is even going to clean his windows!!
But back to the food…..the dishes were simply delightful. From chicken to lamb, rice to naan bread, it was all there. To say it was plentiful would be an understatement…mind you these skinny ladies can put their food away (like that girls, we’re skinny!!) The staff were extremely helpful and even lingered on without complaint as we sat a little too late (closing time was long gone). Martin clearly got lost coming into collect us!
The country folk were psycho analysed and the girls solved the world’s problems once more. From depression, to anxiety, to cognitive therapy, we have it sussed! Just call the Muff Ladies when you need your life sorted….we’ll take wine as down payment and we always guarantee success!
Alas, back to the reason for last night’s gathering. Our infamous lady is moving away. She’s going all the way down through Glentogher and into Carndonagh. For some it may seem a short distance, but when you’ve always had the security of a lovely, reliable neighbour, Carndonagh is a lifetime away. But thankfully there will be many reasons for herself to return up that same road on a regular basis. There’s the Muff Ladies night’s out to start with, and then there’s coffee dates, book dates, future therapeutic talks to be attended, so a stranger she shall not become. We’ll make sure of that. And of course there will be wine dates, and coffee dates in Carndonagh for us all to look forward to. She’s not getting away that easy, rest assured.
new house
So for now, on behalf of all the Muff Ladies, I’d like to wish the said gal and her family the very very best on their move. Safe travelling my dear and here’s to many many happy years in your new home. And remember ‘good friends never say goodbye, they simply say see you soon’. So we’ll be seeing you soon xx