Cycle Against Suicide arrived in Greencastle shortly before noon today. I felt very privileged to be present on their arrival. This was the start of a long day on the bikes.
‘Cycle Against Suicide was founded by Irish entrepreneur, Jim Breen as a result of an appearance on RTÉ’S documentary, The Secret Millionaire. The programme inspired Jim to continue to use his skills and influences to help raise awareness of mental health in Ireland and signpost people in need, to the considerable supports available for suicide prevention in Ireland.

We believe in a community-driven approach in all our activities. We will work towards more cohesion between, and awareness of, the various organisations working to prevent suicide, and provide bereavement support, in Ireland.
We understand that this is a complex issue and we remain positive and optimistic that a multi-level approach, based on the promotion of help-seeking behaviour, can result in a reduction in the number of suicides on the island of Ireland.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can break the cycle of suicide.’

Why do they do this 14 day cycle around Ireland?
‘Everyone has some connection with suicide, self harm or depression. We believe that the best way to help fight the Battle Against Suicide in Ireland is to do it together. Our Mental Health is just like our physical health – it is something we have to be mindful of – and from time to time we have to ask for help – and that is OK. Exercise helps…Talking helps…So together let’s Cycle Against Suicide. We believe that by cycling, together, around Ireland that this powerful message will be delivered.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can Break the Cycle of Suicide on the island of Ireland!

Today was just the second day of the 2015 Cycle. Kicking off yesterday in Belfast, the gang came from Coleraine this morning, cycled through Moville where they were welcomed by many locals and the entirety of Moville Community College. It really was a sight to behold.
They cycled through Moville to Carndonagh, on to Malin and then back via Carndonagh, Quigleys Point, Muff and on to Derry where they will rest for the night.

It was rather special seeing a number of Muff heads arrive off the ferry in Greencastle this morning, see them cycle in to Quigleys Point and then through their home village of Muff. They are doing the village, and indeed their country proud.
Gerry, David Muff
And it was a Muff/QP lady who opened her home this evening to allow the cyclists use her bathroom. The kindness of folk in this area is endless.
Here’s wishing everyone involved in the Cycle Against Suicide 2015 the very best of luck over the coming two weeks and safe cycling one and all.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can Break the Cycle of Suicide on the island of Ireland!
Cyclists QP Muff